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Manager: Robert Swindlehurst BSc, 24 years experience in aquaculture at all levels. 
From farm design and water quality to systems troubleshooting, licensing and environmental management.

Through a network of specialist associates here are some of the things we can assist you and your business with:

  • Farm design
  • Licensing and approvals under the Integrated Planning Act and Fisheries Act (Queensland)
  • Farm and system ‘trouble shooting’ including: design, engineering, biology, water quality etc
  • Recirculation system design (marine, brackish and freshwater)
  • Heating and cooling systems design (marine and fresh water)
  • Food Safety and HACCP programs
  • Environmental management systems
  • Aquaculture industry training packages (for example: water quality, animal husbandry, broodstock management, food safety, workplace safety, risk management)
  • Farm based research programs
  • Grant applications for research, export, training
  • Policy and management system development
  • Government and public negotiation and consultation processes
  • Aquaculture business development and marketing

The Benefits of Doing Business With Catalyst Aquaculture

  • We are aquaculturists like you
  • We respond promptly to your aquaculture needs
  • We provide a personal service at realistic prices
  • We know and understand what you are talking about, and what you will require to help develop your aquaculture proposal or business into a viable enterprise
  • As a Queensland based group of aquaculture specialists, Catalyst Aquaculture is not part of a large corporation